Make Communication Reliable and Affordable with VoIP Implementations

Get Custom Business IP Telephony Designed to Meet Your Specific Operational Needs

ResultWorx VoIP systems can simplify your business goals as they are designed by delivering flexible, feature-oriented, unified telephony that quickly adapts to all your unique needs. Implementing a VoIP system in your business brings multiple benefits. In particular it eliminates the hassle of buying a phone and then learning that you also need a variety of additional, expensive accessories.

We not only deliver crystal clear voice quality, but also other collaborative communication tools, including video chat, file sharing, web conferences, screen sharing, and calling cards for national and international calls. Additionally, we can integrate our custom VoIP business platform with your existing ERP, such as company email, Salesforce, Skype, Outlook, or Gmail.

We cater to emerging trends of global telecom markets. Our delivered solutions operate on open-standard protocols, which can be implemented anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.

The Right Solutions for Efficient Workforce Management

Your current devices might be obsolete for modern business purposes. As an enterprise, working both in and out of offices, you need telephones that utilize the many services IP telephony offers, including timesaving features and interesting acoustic properties. ResultWorx identifies your business operational goals and provides you with exceptional telephones for remote and on-site staff.

You can even integrate our VoIP office solutions with your smartphones and mobile devices to provide the best experience wherever you go.

Our VoIP implementation process combines best-in-class bandwidth services and the latest technologies, delivered by certified service professionals. As a result, establishing a local presence becomes secure and streamlined.

Unified Cloud Communication for All Industry Sectors

We focus on delivering reliable and secure telecommunication even during natural disasters and unexpected crises. VoIP cloud-hosted solutions can help businesses of all shapes and sizes to move from an on-premise phone system to the cloud in a simple and structured way. The systems are managed online through a user-friendly web interface. We are partnered with the industry’s leading cloud providers. Rest assured that all your communication data will be backed up and recovered as needed. For more details, check our VoIP support solutions.

We have the capability and infrastructure to install custom VoIP telephony for small and large-sized healthcare providers, financial companies, technological partners, government, educational institutions, customer support centers, travel, and hospitality industries.

Our Service Offerings

Dedicated Leased Lines

If you seek unbridled bandwidth performance, we can connect your telecommunication infrastructure with a dedicated internet port (ILL) that provides the required speed. This particular implementation is suited for companies requiring consistent internet bandwidth. If you want to increase the bandwidth even further, we can connect your VoIP to a shared port at any given point on top of the committed speed. You can use the extra bandwidth based on the needs of the application.

Internet Data Center (IDC)

If your business is operating in both national and international markets, you may require a Hosting environment that offers a centralized repository, or a data center. This repository can be either physical or hosted on a cloud that allows storing, managing, and distributing data and information for a particular business or knowledge-based system. We have the relevant infrastructure, services, platforms, and expertise to help you deploy or outsource servers. Our data center has dual power generating sources – Dual UPS and Dual Bus power. In addition, we implement only advanced HVAC, fire detection, and suppression systems to ensure optimal operating conditions.

The ResultWorx Internet Data Center offers reliable bandwidth, streamlined troubleshooting, multiple-technology integration, ATM switching, multiple ring architecture, a round-the-clock active network operations center, and synchronous optical networking.

Virtual Private Networking (VPNs)

We are one of the few VoIP service providers in California that offers VPN solutions, large-scale encryption, and dedicated equipment for enterprises to work under a secure firewall and to stay connected across multiple sites.

Features You Can Expect from our VoIP Implementation

Our service packages are designed for companies with 1 to 100 workstations. Whether your employees are walking in a park or seated in front of their office desktop, they can communicate with your clients without interruption. We offer the following features for your custom VoIP:

  • Unlimited inbound calls (local)
  • Unlimited outbound calls (local)
  • Crystal clear and smooth audio
  • Voicemail facility
  • Call recording for quality analysis
  • Web-based dashboard for easy configuration, scheduling, alarms, and notifications
  • Voicemail integration with email
  • Automated messages
  • Call redirection to employee's mobile number
  • Call waiting messages and caller tunes
  • Long-distance calls to the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UAE with top-up options
  • Custom tools for call centers, such as queue system, call transfer, CRM, integration, and chat tools
  • Employee productivity tools
  • 24/7 remote technical support

Still Not Sure about VoIP Telecommunication? Check Out the Benefits

ResultWorx has been delivering the finest VoIP telephony to businesses of all operational capabilities for the past decade. The opportunities and service benefits of VoIP telecommunications are unmeasurable.

  1. Predictable Finances: A VoIP setup guarantees a 50% reduction in communication costs , which even the most advanced local phone systems cannot match. The power to further customize your features allows you to keep track of your finances, eliminating CapEX and maintenance costs.
  2. End-to-End VoIP Support: We can take care of the maintenance, security, and technology upgrades for your telecommunication system. This significantly reduces your infrastructural development and training costs.
  3. Caters to all Emerging Communication Needs: Your local telephony solutions are insufficient for modern business problems, such as mobile phone integration, video conferencing, cheap international calls, social networking, chatting and media sharing, video calls, remote working, and more. VoIP manages all of the above and delivers even more.
  4. Hassle-Free Set up and Maintenance: Hardware trouble? No available technical staff for maintenance? Don't worry. We will shift your business to the cloud without a hefty investment. This reduces your telephone bills by 30%, increases your team mobility, and brings out your employees' best selves. Our telecommunication team will offer turnkey VoIP support for hardware, software, and servers so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

    VOIP Implementations