Disaster Recovery Helps You Stay Prepared for Any Risk

Enable Uninterrupted Performance of Critical Systems during Catastrophic Circumstances

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) is a modern-day solution for modern problems. We make sure your cloud infrastructure and critical systems continue to perform efficiently in the event of natural disasters. We help you build a robust infrastructure using modern technology platforms to save you from losing revenue, customers and valuable assets, along with avoiding poor performance, litigation, and penalties. Our disaster recovery framework is ideated for all business models.

Irrevocable Disaster Can Harm Your Company Permanently

It shouldn’t surprise you. Today 90% of companies run their operations by relying on digital platforms and IT infrastructure. This creates a significant amount of crucial and vulnerable data. There are also many systems and equipment being utilized to manage that data, as well as servers and other assets. Due to this continuous evolution, hardware and software failure is inevitable. These failures can lead to data damage, which often proves to be irreversible.

The fragmented distribution of data between IT infrastructure, systems, and software applications makes recovery a complex and unreliable task during catastrophic disasters.

This is where ResultWorx DR Solutions comes to the rescue! We are equipped to work with the most complex sets of business models, with both native, distributed, and hybrid structures to deliver business resiliency and continuity.

Build Robust and Unrelenting IT Infrastructure and Systems at a Competitive Price

While disaster recovery has existed in the market for a very long time, integration with newer Cloud-based solutions has made it easier and more cost-effective to implement and access. All of our services offer flexible pricing and are non-disruptive, meaning you can pay phase-by-phase or through a mutually defined pricing model. Our solutions consume fewer resources and do not impact existing infrastructural efficiency.

We are backed by some of the most powerful cloud platforms, which enables us to provide powerful automation facilities, multiple integrations, a 100% recovery rate, storage reduction, a centralized hub for simplified management, personalized backup solutions, and impressive security.

Why Should You Choose DRSaaS Powered by the Cloud?

We start by designing a Disaster Recovery Strategy. Our disaster recovery experts work alongside our clients to define an IT disaster recovery model for all running applications and systems. In addition, we offer an extensive suite of IT infrastructure resources to implement the DR model into the system. We provide colocation options for vulnerable data and applications. Our experts carry out the plan with the help of our dynamic cloud infrastructure setup.

More Reasons to Choose ResultWorx’s Disaster Recovery Services:

  • Comprehensive disaster recovery solutions: DRSaaS, DR Cloud, Personalized Solutions, Development and Implementation of DR Site, Complete Backup and Recovery, Support and Management.
  • RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) drive the applications.
  • Capability to manage the complete DR life-cycle.
  • Complete ownership of implementation, restoration, maintenance, and testing.
  • Post DR restoration possible up until the principal site.
  • On-demand remote Work Area Recovery solutions.
  • Two scheduled disaster recovery drills annually.
  • 24/7 disaster recovery setup monitoring as per the SLA.
  • Optimized cost by reducing the CapEx. DR services lower the need for human resources and automates most processes, while decreasing the replication and energy/space cost.
  • End-to-end remote managed services make deployment manageable and efficient.
  • Enables working on pre-defined templates to reduce your investment cost, without compromising on the DR workflow.
  • We offer flexible DR site options, such as hybrid, private, and public fronts.
  • We have vast domain experience, with work histories in aviation, software development, travel, legal, healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate.
  • Solutions offered are in compliance with the BCP protocols.

Don’t Face IT Disasters Alone, Prepare in Advance with ResultWorx Services

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