Great Businesses Need Exceptional Servers

Our quality server support services will save you from data loss, existing and new internet threats, and unnecessary downtime

Your IT server is the crucial element that keeps your business running in today’s evolving technical realm. When implementing any technical development plan, having a robust server infrastructure is crucial. From facilitating a connection between stakeholders and employees, to allowing process integration, and everything in between, the server does it all. At ResultWorx, we deliver end-to-end server support and management services, including migration of legacy servers to newer operating systems and hardware. Our years of experience and certified skills can maintain and support all servers, including vSphere, Linux, Microsoft Windows Server, HyperV, and vCenter.

Remotely managed server support will not only reduce your infrastructural development cost but also maximize resource utilization, offering several opportunities to improve your bottom line.

Every business has its own unique server requirements. For instance, eCommerce stores must maintain their server uptime, while digital marketing companies thrive with shared storage and hosting. Our team of quick thinkers and keen workers can manage servers for a wide range of business setups and industry verticals. Our custom offerings allow for design support solutions as you decide to scale your business.

What Does ResultWorx Managed Server Support Offer?

With ResultWorx managed services, you can build the robust and reliable IT infrastructure you need, backed by a dynamic server – all without significant investment. We offer you a ready-made, built-in management solution that permits you to monitor, upgrade, scale, and build infrastructure anytime, from anywhere.

  • We offer remote server support across many communication channels, including phone, Skype, Zoom, and email, so that you can contact us whenever you want.
  • We use state-of-the-art protocols, such as SSH, to access your system remotely.
  • We deliver both regular and ad-hoc server management based on your business scope and IT requirements.
  • We focus on server safety above all else by setting up the server surveillance immediately and performing audits regularly.
  • To keep your server current with the latest technological advancements, we periodically update the operating systems and installed hardware and software, along with implementing comprehensive data backup and recovery.
  • We provide both ad-hoc and 24/7 server admin teams to proactively monitor your servers.
  • We protect your servers from cyber-attacks with antivirus and anti-malware software installation.
  • Our team's steadfast research and development allows them to gain first-hand insight on the best technologies and products for service delivery.
  • We support a wide array of servers, such as Linux, MySQL, and MSSQL databases, VMWare, vSphere, Microsoft Windows Server, HyperV, and vCenter servers.
  • We also offer server security and vulnerability tracking solutions, and emergency website support for malware intrusion, downtime, hacking, and virus attacks.
  • Additional cloud and on-site server (on ad-hoc basis) management solutions are available!

Why Should You Consider a Partnership with ResultWorx?

We operate in the background – You won't realize our presence unless a critical event takes place. We work behind-the-scenes, keeping your servers running by diagnosing and neutralizing problems in real-time, installing and upgrading software, and, if required, redesigning your infrastructure to make sure your users never face downtime.

As no two companies' infrastructures are the same, we don't rely on standard solutions. Our customized solutions are tailor-made to your business scope, company operations, and IT infrastructure's role and function.

Our flat monthly rates offer value. Our assigned project manager will guide you through our price breakdowns according to the service feature listing to ensure you understand that you are working with a transparent, competitive, and customer-oriented company.

Our Support Services Include:

  1. Server Migration and Optimization: Migrate thousands of on-premise capabilities over to secure cloud-based, application, virtual, or email servers. Our solutions allow you to schedule, track, and automate server migration, making the entire process agile, controlled, and cost-effective.
  2. Server Administration and Restoration: Our comprehensive, single-access point server administration significantly reduces detection and reaction time for downtime and other incidents, decreases MTR (Mean Time to Repair) by 30%, brings down IT expenses by 40%, and lifts the burden of your internal IT team.
  3. Security Patch Upgrades: ResultWorx’s excellent security patches automatically update each server element, including the application programs and the principal hardware and software you rely on for computing and operating, which enables you to proactively respond to different cybersecurity challenges.
  4. Kernel Upgrade: Access kernel upgrades for all servers to reduce the risk of data-theft due to processor vulnerabilities.


We Follow the Industry’s Best Practices for Virtual Server Support

If you are thinking of switching your server infrastructure to a remotely hosted server on the cloud, let us assure you that we follow industry standards for server support, security, and compatibility. Our virtual server support solutions can deliver several options for increased storage and computing capabilities. From powerful dashboards to real-time access controls, our services enable in-depth cloud integration, email migration, delivery and installation assistance, and secure, encrypted solutions.

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