Best-in-Class Remote Support for Mobile Devices and Smartphones

Ideal Coverage for All Android and iOS Powered Devices, from Anywhere, at Any time.

This is the era of mobility and modern technology. Every enterprise is aiming to develop and implement powerful AI applications and tools to grow their businesses. As a result, the management of mobile devices and smartphone fleets across business operations and cloud platforms has become a critical aspect of an enterprise’s success. Did you know that most IT disasters in 2019 were due to a lack of security control in mobile devices? It is imperative to build solutions to safely manage devices, along with identifying a means to facilitate the usage of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), the personal devices of employees. Your IT crew must also ensure that both work and personal data are safe and separate during operation.

ResultWorx Mobile and Smartphone Management is Ideal for a Mobile Workforce and Smartphone Fleet

Our mobile device support and management solutions are ideal for companies with an increasing mobile workforce and heavy smartphone usage. We provide comprehensive support for your employees who are using personal and company mobile devices from both remote locations and at the office. We can assist your people in handling any issues from their device lifecycle management. We also have the infrastructure and expertise to deliver 24/7 employee and end-user support along with our system-managed security policy enforcement.

Through a single console, you have full control and access to your mobile apps, devices, and data. This will help you protect your data and information, create the right balance between IT risks and employee productivity, and even lower your overall costs.

Benefits of Our Mobile and Smartphone Support

  • We provide complete security – mobile device support, mobile application management, and mobile and smartphone antivirus
  • Our support frees employees to work from anywhere, at anytime, using any device of their choice
  • Our holistic strategy significantly reduces cost and usage complexity compared to standalone solutions
  • We decrease costs related to IT infrastructure and operations
  • We provide layers of protection to your devices to safeguard crucial data, no matter where you carry them
  • Our security features enforcement of password and data encryption, antivirus and internet security, remote lock and wipe, web protection, and other device security and app management tools
  • Our cloud communication server automates communication, reducing disparities and simplifying deployment complexities
  • Our threat intelligence secures a wide range of mobile devices and smartphones, and offers optimized configurations with IDS (Intrusion Detection System), Firewall, and Antimalware
  • A single solution for modern problems – mobile security, mobile support, and data and app management
  • Our centralized access and control, and third-party remote management reduces operational costs
  • Solutions that enable your IT team to track, manage, and monitor all devices, smartphones, app, and data
  • Your corporate data is protected with three layers: remote lock and wipe, passwords, and selective wipe
  • If you wish, our experts can remotely manage your devices through your servers instead of our platform

Do You Need Remote Access to Your Android Devices? We Can Help You Implement It

Due to a combination of current events and improved technology, many companies are transitioning from an office setup to a work-from-home setup. This has increased demand for remote access and management of android devices and other industrial and commercial grade devices, even for unattended devices. If you are planning to revamp your work environment, we offer solutions for permanent access to such tools for convenient and efficient business operations. From POS machines to smartphones and tablets, we can provide 24/7 support based on your requirements.

Is Your Employee Unable to Access Their Email? We Can Remotely Configure It

We can do that, and more. Our expert staff can fix any issues on Android, Windows, and iOS smartphones and devices, no matter where your employee or mobile phone is located. In this age and time, when customers, employees, and peers are always on the move, it can be difficult to find a resource or expert to configure devices or solve technical glitches. Our on-demand remote mobile support can configure emails, tools, and upgrades, while troubleshooting all technical problems efficiently.

We Are Better Together: Mobile Devices and ResultWorx

We not only fix, configure, run, and upgrade Android devices, but we can also support Android powered commercial-grade devices, such as digital displays, tablets, POS, and kiosks. We help you remotely monitor and manage your devices to solve technical errors, transfer files securely, customize settings, and adjust configurations. With the increasing demand for the mobile workplace, companies fight to find a balance between protecting vulnerable information and empowering employees with new technologies to boost their productivity.

We can help you accomplish both without incurring significant cost and effort to implement different support applications. Since we are continuously learning and expanding our own device coverage, we can provide tailor-made solutions to suit your needs.

Our Features:

  • Centralized management ensures culminated threat and DLP policy enforcement across IT infrastructure layers
  • Streamlines mobile device and smartphone enrollment
  • Helps enterprises enforce a consistent policy for data protection across multiple messages and endpoints
  • Cross-platform support enables IT and employees to enroll, provision, and de-provision devices with different OSs with VPN, WiFi and other network connectivity from a remote location
  • Group policies and cross-platform integration improves enforcement of security and allows for consistent management requirement
  • Enables the usage of WiFi International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI, for IT to control authorized devices
  • Helps the IT team to prohibit certain phone features when required, including roaming, account modification, cellular data control, lock screen, social media applications, and pairing
  • Enables tracking of personal and company devices using inventory management
  • Derive smart mobile support strategies for your business to scale with limited resources and investment

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