Hire ResultWorx Telecommunication Services to Make Your Information Access The Best It Can Be

  • Free IT network and telecommunication analysis
  • Simplified wireless connectivity to enable mobile technology
  • End to end solutions – from conceptualization through installation, testing, and automation
  • Custom solutions for communication service providers, contact centres, carriers, retail, and enterprises
  • Specialization in private networks, VOIP, 5G network, Audio-Video conferencing, app modernization, broadband access, IP optimization, dialers, network design and integration
  • Intuitive telecommunication solutions for all industry verticals

ResultWorx Telecommunication Service and Solutions

Communication is an essential tool for building a successful enterprise, regardless of size. Communication happens simultaneously at all levels of your business – sending and receiving messages, accessing information, participating in conferences, working from home. Telecommunication solutions are no longer limited to landlines and fax machines. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Powerful Wireless Networking Tools are fueling the growth of the industry.

These technologies not only offer effective communication but also provide working flexibility, which is vital in the current business scenario.

Digitization and telecommunication are intertwined and have the power to disrupt typical business approaches. An enterprise that doesn’t leverage modern telecommunication applications cannot drive digital transformation.


One-Stop Telecommunication Services Stretch the Boundaries of Communication with Smart Solutions

ResultWorx enables organizations to drive communication through mobile network virtualization, multi-access computing, and software-defined networking and communication solutions. We have strong domain expertise spanning more than fifteen years of ideating and delivering customized solutions for complex business challenges.

Our in-house telecom infrastructure development team is powered by an advanced technology ecosystem and features innovative approaches that quickly fulfill existing and future global communication requirements.

Our Telecom Services:

We are in partnership with leading global telecom operators and brands to cater to all communication and business needs.

Telecommunication Platform Installation: We review your organization’s infrastructure and determine the hardware requirements based on planning and capacity. We then install the product, both on- and off-site, followed by product commissioning and program configuration. We also optimize intercommunication with state-of-the-art carriers on selected products, such as VoIP, smartphones, and AR-based tools. We ensure the product and software match the customer’s requirements at all levels of communication.

Custom Solutions: From specific feature enhancements to engineering and RD services, we offer all types of custom solutions. This enables you to transform your traditional processes into multi-faceted digital telecommunication systems that increase performance even in the most disrupted environments.

Conferencing Solutions: We offer IP-based audio and video conferencing solutions for improved remote communication. Our services include HD video conferencing, multiple control options, wideband sound quality, and integrated noise and echo cancellation technology. With ResultWorx, enjoy uninterrupted conferencing experiences with automated transcoding through VoWIFI, VoLTE, VoIP, and TDM endpoints.

Digital Communication Solutions: Provide elevated customer service with automated support solutions featuring video-voice-chat technology. We can seamlessly integrate existing or new CRM with backend operations to facilitate exceptional communication.

Data Center Hosting: With our advanced internet support, disaster recovery, and managed server and colocation support, we provide virtualized data centre hosting for improved security and access to crucial and vulnerable data. Cloud telephony is a savior for flexible internal communication and remote working scenarios.

IP Optimization: Your data center and IT infrastructure, including access to the Cloud, is only as fast as your network. IP optimization invariably drives performance. ResultWorx proactively looks out for ways to improve your network design, including capacity, radio performance, and microwave links. We do this by monitoring, analyzing, and managing your network performance around the clock using advanced optimization tools. With IP optimization, you can reduce network latency by 40%.

5G Networking: Move forward with GenX networking solutions that are crucial to 5G networks, including network function virtualization, private networking, open RAN, MEC, 3GPP NGMN, network slicing, MIMO, and beamforming.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Solutions: ML and AI tools allow you to simplify, accelerate, and modernize your journey in communication. AI can quickly fuel your business growth by automating your internal processes with adaptive AR tools. We do this by organizing data, deriving actionable insights, and creating predictive systems. We offer a variety of solutions including chatbots, image processing, data mining, IoT based smart devices, and Natural Language Processing.

VoIP Hosted Solutions: Phones remain an integral part of any organization, despite the changes brought by the latest communication channels. With ResultWorx VoIP solutions, businesses can implement affordable phone systems, even for companies that employ a significant amount of remote workers. Our VoIP phone system is hosted using dedicated circuits to ensure a full spectrum of supreme-quality communication.

MPLS Services: MPLS is a scalable, data-transmitting method that helps organizations optimize their network capabilities and manage traffic. It is perfect for inter-office and multi-location networking. MPLS facilitates multiple data connections, such as DSL, cable, and Ethernet, and provides self-healing networking paths.


In a NUTSHELL, Our Telecommunication Services:

  • Are managed by trained and knowledgeable networking engineers
  • Offer accessible, modern communication tools
  • Are powered by AI, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing
  • Provide Digital Analysis of your network performance at defined intervals
  • Develop New Communication Methods based on R&D
  • Feature inventive BPO support for front- and back-end processes
  • Utilize advanced options, including DevOps, API, and the Cloud


Collaborative and Creative Telecommunication Solutions are Imperative for Evolving Customer Demands

Cloud-based technologies, AR and VR tools, and high-speed internet have become the foundation of digital growth and transformation. From facilitating remote work, to collaborating with clients in real-time, to being present via multiple channels regardless of location, telecommunication can actively address changing business and customer needs.

As a global service provider, our years of research and development in the technology and communication field has enabled us to provide the best in video-audio conferencing, emailing, mobile communication, data centre, AI and ML, and IP telephony. Our services critically improve customer relations, reduce the possibility of data breaches, and boost your network security.

  • Our telecommunication services reduce the cost of business operations by 20% to 30% by establishing a paperless work infrastructure.
  • Our email communication and VoIP facilities effectively streamline communication.
  • We make the customer relationship more personal and engaging with Client Relationship Management systems (CRM), social media marketing and monitoring, and customer preference tracking tools.
  • We provide robust communication services by partnering with global leaders in the telecom industry.
  • Our team of dedicated staff, featuring a combination of network engineers, system architects, and modern technical experts, are available 24/7 to address all internet and connectivity issues.
  • We act as a reliable and steadfast intermediator between businesses and major service providers.
  • Our telecom solutions act as the crucial security of your IT infrastructure. Great communication systems can conquer any threats and IT vulnerabilities.
  • Our services enable easy and cost-effective access to remote regions.