Experience the Difference with Managed Hosting Services

Reduce Your Operational Cost by Establishing a Modern-Day Enterprise Infrastructure

With modern IT infrastructure comes modern challenges, with the cost of investment being the biggest of all. With ResultWorx’s top-class dedicated servers, you can reduce your operational costs, even with an out-of-the-box enterprise IT infrastructure. We provide a suite of managed hosting solutions, including web design and development, email, infrastructure, and applications across the web. You can focus on enhancing your existing operations, and if you want to do even more, go ahead – build a thriving organization, migrate to the cloud, deploy the latest applications, or even change your entire set up. We are here to provide you with complete and fully-managed dedicated hosting.

We offer 24/7 monitoring for your IT infrastructure with our experienced and best-in-the-market webmasters. No more worrying about technical glitches, server downtime, or slow load times once your resources are in our care. We offer dedicated server, cloud, and VPS hosting solutions.

Why Use Our Managed Hosting Services?

Many enterprises fail to appreciate the benefits of managed hosting solutions. As you bring your company to an international level, every aspect must grow along with it: from the website, to its server, to the system and data, to the applications. But if you select an unmanaged hosting service (a “do-it-yourself”), you will not benefit from periodic support and management. While an unmanaged hosting service is cheaper than a managed one, it can result in higher long-term costs in other parts of the infrastructural development due to the lack of routine health check-ups.

Your hosting provider will perform the basics, such as server reboots, replacing faulty systems, and network maintenance. But it won’t fulfill the crucial jobs needed to scale a business – installing or upgrading systems and features to new versions, adding new functionality, providing actionable insights, supporting the software platform, installing SSL certificates, addressing and troubleshooting errors in real-time, and so on.

Our Managed Hosting Service Masters can do all the above and customize even more solutions, including addressing emergencies, automated backups, malware protection, data encryption, cyber threat removal, cloud monitoring, disaster management, and full system recovery. In additon to the basic features, you can also access advanced managed hosting services, such as:

  • SSL certification installation
  • Database management and recovery
  • Disaster recovery
  • Support for application, data, site, and store migration
  • Website updates, testing, and debugging
  • Operating system and server management, and periodic upgrades
  • Email archiving
  • Automated website backup to a secure cloud
  • Round-the-clock customer support

What is important to you? Running a Robust Enterprise with Reduced Maintenance or Saving a Few Dollars?

Everyone wants their IT to work without any glitches. But in reality, your software developers, system administrators, and IT techies’ performance are impacted by managing daily, monotonous tasks and keeping things running.

Imagine returning to a perfect, non-chaotic environment, day after day, without worrying about customer complaints, system crashes, website downtime, or data breaches or loss. If you prefer this over saving a few dollars a year, then Managed Hosting Services is your ideal choice.

When you choose ResultWorx hosting services and solutions, you get more than our dedicated experts who protect your resources from unexpected complexities. You’ll also experience heightened performance and optimized security and control, perfect for intensive and mission-critical applications. In order to get most out of your IT infrastructure and cloud computing, we perform the jobs that others can’t.

  1. Application Hosting Services: Let us monitor and optimize your application capabilities, so you can utilize them to achieve organizational goals.
  2. Database Hosting Services Access to our database experts any time of the day for user security, backups, restoration and recovery, database planning, and advanced troubleshooting.
  3. Security Services: Our effective breach detection helps you detect and resolve all security issues in the blink of an eye without compromising server uptime.
  4. Customized Services: Make your business more agile and streamlined with existing applications and new solutions through a practical approach, derived by professional consultants.


Whether the problem is as simple as a forgotten password or as critical as an intrusion leading to data vulnerability, we are here to help you at all levels, at any time of the day, from any part of the world.

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