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We Guarantee 99.9% Data Recovery at Rapid Speed

ResultWorx designs and implements automated backup and recovery solutions, including data backup surveying, auditing, and centralized health monitoring. Data is the foundation of a modern enterprise, especially for software development and service organizations. With ResultWorx cloud-based recovery strategies, your team can monitor backups and handle emergency recoveries from both on-site and remote locations.

Backup and Recovery Services Provide Vital Security for Business

Today’s businesses run in an environment where application downtime, system crashes, and data loss can significantly hinder their operations, or worse, can lead to operational failure. A University of Texas study reports that 94% of companies find it challenging to operate after a significant disaster, 43% of them do not resume standard operation at all, and 51% of them are forced to shut down within a few years.

Another report details the abrupt halt to business operations that a company with around one thousand employees would suffer after a significant cyber attack..

An organization of that size could lose an average of $7000 per hour of sustained downtime.

With the advent of big data, BYOD, AR, VR, and wireless telecommunication, the safety of data is at an all-time risk. From staff mistakes to system failures, unplanned downtime and inefficient data backup can lead to colossal damage.

What is the ResultWorx Backup and Recovery Service?

Running an enterprise is not easy. We know your hands are full. Even though you would like to protect your most valuable assets, it can get tricky as data starts to pile on. Even with the best equipment and experts at hand, disaster can strike at any time. Your best bet is to mitigate the effects by staying vigilant with inventive measures.

Let us help you mitigate your risks and prevent your business from falling prey to data vulnerabilities. We have a specialized team and a state-of-the-art infrastructure to handle data backup and recovery for all domains.

ResultWorx experts are well-versed with the best policies, tools, guidelines, and approaches for uninterrupted data backups and 100% recovery.

Ransomware, Malware, System Crashes, and Cybercrimes: Do You Think Your Data is Safe?

Here’s why you need remote data backup and recovery services from ResultWorx

  • We provide on-siteand remote backup and recovery solutions
  • We are partnered with leading cloud providers ensuring secure and streamlined backups
  • Our backups deliver 256-bit encryption which allows in-flight and at-rest data storage
  • Real-time, proactive backups allow automated monitoring that coordinates seamlesslywith human intervention
  • Periodic reporting makes sure you are always aware of incoming threats without worry
  • Enjoy instant and completerecovery on the cloud, even during power loss, theft, and application crashes
  • We offer temporary server backups, in case ofsoftware or hardware failures during updates
  • Consistent backups ensure multiple copies of the same file to provide heightened security
  • Solutions that reduceimplementation costs by 20% to 30%
  • Exclusive offsite backups to secure cloud solutions

We Don’t Want You To Worry About the Unexpected

Our data backup and recovery experts adhere to the latest recovery practices and make copies of vulnerable and critical data in data centres, the cloud, and on-site. This 3:3 recovery approach enables insulation of information and spot-on data recovery, minimizing the effects of downtime.

One of the adverse effects of data loss and compliance is that you could be unintentionally  violating the laws of HIPAA, GLBA, and other legal entities. Violation can lead to hefty penalties and damage your business’s credibility.

With ResultWorx data backup and recovery solutions, you can maintain compliance without concern.


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