Offload Your IT and Infrastructure to Experts

Digitally Upgrade Your Infrastructure with Cost-Effective, Well-Managed Services

ResultWorx helps organizations develop and manage steadfast and agile IT infrastructures through state of the art cloud-based IT-managed services. Our experts analyze your existing infrastructure with the help of analytics and insights, and implement appropriate support solutions by combining the functionalities of existing resources and emerging technologies. Our focus remains primarily on helping clients leverage the latest technology solutions that simplify business operations and align with future goals.

  • Reduce downtime and optimize internal resource allocation
  • Remotely managed services reduce your IT spending by 30% to 40%
  • Increaseproductivity and decrease the Total Cost of Ownership by driving business continuity
  • We offer viable solutions forlimited IT resources as well
  • Bring predictability and stability toIT infrastructure
  • We are prepared to handlecurrent and future market challenges and technological drifts
  • Quality process, optimized security, and SLA based engagement options
  • One entity and single-point of accountability for on-premise, distributed, cloud hybrid infrastructures
  • We assist in all phases – from planning to development to remote support, each and every day

Our Managed Infrastructure Services will Relieve You from the Burden of Developing and Managing an In-House Staff

ResultWorx’s certified experts, efficient service availability, and proactive measures enable us to offer extensive infrastructure coverage. We can design, develop, and manage essential and enterprise solutions, for SMEs, startups, and multinationals.

In addition, we offer flexible payments, phase-by-phase development plans, and multiple service tier options that suit your goals and budget. We also prioritize finding solutions over just handling incidents as they come.

From Proven Strategies to our Unparalleled Technical Support, We Help Your Team Gain Insights about Your IT Infrastructure.

We allow you to concentrate on your core business functionality while we take care of the infrastructure. Managed service providers will also give you access to new technologies without hefty investment, minimize your technical risks, and boost uptime. We offer a suite of end-to-end managed services for all industry verticals and for distributed and hybrid IT environments. To reduce operational impact, our managed solutions ensure the functionality of your systems by focusing on critical IT operations through a verified transition process.

ResultWorx IT Infrastructure Managed Services:

Hosting Services: Our fully managed hosting solutions will double your rate of performance, infrastructure control, and security through dedicated hosting environments. Web, application, email, and infrastructure hosting integrate the offerings of application service providers and internet service providers. This significantly reduces the operational costs sustained in an enterprise infrastructure setup.

Disaster Recovery: We protect your cloud infrastructure from natural disasters, such as downtime and data loss, and save you from losing revenue, customers, and valuable assets, along with avoiding poor performance, litigation, and penalties. We help you run your applications even during catastrophic changes. Our disaster recovery framework is ideated for all business models.

Cloud Monitoring: Our full-stack cloud monitoring services deliver infrastructure and configuration management that utilizes different techniques to monitor and optimize the performance of servers and applications. We also evaluate resource utilization, operating speeds, and response time to address challenges before they arise.

Server Support: Boost energy efficiency and run your operations glitch-free with server support and management services, powered by cutting-edge technologies. We offer server maintenance and migration services with our experts in all aspects of server management platforms, including setup, installation, and emergency support.

Network Connectivity Support: With round-the-clock remote troubleshooting, remediation, and monitoring of routers, LAN, WAN, switches, firewalls, and WAPs, you’ll never need to worry about network connectivity issues. Automated solutions can detect and address minor and major problems in network devices in real-time without human intervention.

Mobile and Smartphone Support: Directly connect with our technical experts during your business hours to address your device and operating system issues. We proactively monitor your mobile devices and smartphone ecosystems by immediately reacting to alerts.

Backup and Recovery: Our end-to-end data backup and recovery services establish robust processes to safeguard vulnerable and crucial data from hardware failure, clerical errors, natural disaster, malware and ransomware. We focus the entire solution to a single service point, inclusive of storage, design, restoration, testing, monitoring, and reporting.

VoIP Support: Get reliable and crystal clear voice quality for your mobile and web communication devices. Our dedicated VoIP experts boost your WAN speed, perform multi-WAN load balancing, and offer accelerated internet speed for your workforce to prevent garbled voice messages, malfunctioned telephone lines, and frequent dropped calls.

Desktop Support: No need for dedicated in-house IT staff -  we can remotely solve your desktop problems, including system crashes, downtime, unpatched security, slow response times, upgrades and maintenance, asset management challenges, and real-time troubleshooting. We can help you manage your hardware and software inventories effectively.


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