Upgrade Your Phone System for Crystal Clear Calls from Anywhere, Anytime

We Streamline Cost and Enhance Quality of Voice Communication with Enterprise-Level VoIP Support

All organizations, new or old, rely on collaborative communication to operate efficiently. But as we update our offices and IT infrastructure, we often forget to reorganize and upgrade our existing telephone system, despite it being the backbone of business operations. A dated telecommunication system and infrastructure is ineffective, expensive, and annoying. It can fail at any time without warning, and is burdened by frustrating maintenance costs. With ResultWorx’s comprehensive telecommunication VoIP phone support solutions, you can bring down your IT infrastructure and multimedia costs by 60% and increase efficiency by 99%.

No More Dropped Calls, Inaudible Voices, or Disturbed Phone Lines – Guaranteed by Our VoIP Experts

Today's businesses need a versatile yet unique infrastructure for streamlined, structured, and collaborative communication across multiple platforms and places. You need a dedicated VoIP specialist with the training and knowledge necessary for delivering secure infrastructure, proper integration, and the best Quality of Service (QoS).

ResultWorx’s managed VoIP support offers end-to-end telecommunication managed services, from installation to upgrades and maintenance, to troubleshooting and assisting, and everything in-between.

Our VoIP Support Solutions Include:

VoIP Remote Monitoring: We offer 24/7 remote control patrolling for all your connections, including switch devices, routers, reliability, efficiency, and QoS, to prevent garbled connections or voices.

VoIP Security: Our patrollers ensure your communication data configuration is consistently backed-up with the best in cloud computing. We also perform periodic security mitigation audits and recovery to prevent system security failures.

VoIP System Maintenance: Our systematic maintenance team is committed to delivering the following support on an ad-hoc or 24/7 basis:

  • Network performance and connectivity optimization
  • Network tuning and management
  • Business asset inventory, backup, and recovery
  • Real-time, remote case management
  • Assistance in troubleshooting system issues
  • Service contract and warranty record, tracing, and maintenance
  • Upgrade revision, patch check, and version check
  • Hassle-free, professional installation of industry-best Polycom Phones

Emergency Response Time: When it comes to communication, we ensure you experience no breaks whatsoever. We make sure your VoIP system maintains 100% uptime with a 15- minute emergency response time to prevent fallout.

We Keep Your Phone Ringing

Here's what you need to know: by 2021, 90% of IT businesses will make the switch to VoIP telecommunications. If you aren't one of them, you could be facing a big problem. You will not only lag in operations but also in delivering the best experience to your clients. If your organization chooses a VoIP system over a traditional phone system, you will significantly reduce the management, maintenance, and support cost because:

  • It is an online system
  • It is an integrated system, enabling better management of phones
  • It has the potential to deliver the highest QoS to all stakeholders
  • It offers commendable features – video conferencing, file sharing, backup and recovery, media sharing, and more
  • As an IP connection, it offers low-cost long-distance calls, often free during certain timeframes
  • It is flexible to move to and from any remote location
  • It can be integrated with any tech-savvy device
  • It connects people across multiple locations and devices

Features of Our Managed VoIP Telecommunication Support

Our Business Phone System Support = 100% Client Satisfaction

The year has been challenging for all businesses. It has been a real rollercoaster. But the year has also seen an increasing number of companies switching to VoIP connections to facilitate their collaborative communication. Our entirely managed VoIP support solutions will keep your communication rocking and clients satisfied.

Our Business-oriented Solutions will Reduce Your VoIP Implementation Costs by 53%

  • We guarantee 99.9% uptime. Since the implementation of ResultWorx VoIP support, our customers report complete satisfaction with their telecommunication infrastructure.
  • We deliver a fully-customizable solution. As no two businesses are the same, we provide fully-customizable VoIP support, designed from ground-up, which few other vendors offer. We also provide IT team training at no additional cost.
  • We have a salient risk mitigation plan in place. Internet telephony opens the door to a number of business risks, especially those pertaining to data. Our periodic security audit ensures that your VoIP is powered with fundamental internet security, including the required software and hardware support, and security patches.
  • Get simplified voicemail transcription. With our easy-to-retrieve voicemail via email approach, you need not worry about losing voice messages, regardless of your location. We can help you access your VoIP voicemails through your email address.
  • We host your PBX on a dedicated, best-in-class virtual server. Hosting PBX on the cloud, virtually, will significantly reduce the chances of a bad connection, enabling excellent call quality all the time.
  • Your cloud PBX will continue to run even during power and system failures. We offer painless migration from a traditional, legacy system to a cost-effective and straightforward VoIP system. We structure your solution in a manner that best suits your business needs.
  • With remote solutions, including international teleconferencing, video meetings, internal and external transfer of calls, and intercom extensions, we can offer you the future of business communication.


Make the Right Decision for Your Business

Change can feel risky – a sudden shift from a traditional phone system to a fully-automated, cloud-based VoIP system. The services and features can be confusing at first. But that's why we are here. That's why we have a suite of support services that ensure you choose the best phone system for your specific business requirements. We will also port your existing numbers, customize your IVR menus, mailbox, and calling cards, and train your staff to allow you to focus on things that are more crucial for your business development.s

Our VoIP support services are available for all markets and business verticals. Take the opportunity to give your company a permanent voice.

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