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Hire ResultWorx to Simplify Your Operations by Leveraging the Power of High-Performing and Flexible In-House and Hybrid Server, Storage, and Cloud Computing

  • Free consultation and infrastructural analysis
  • Progressive computing designed for resiliency, privacy and efficiency
  • Storage solutions that address current working needs
  • Scalable Servers that complement all IT environments, budgets, and workloads
  • IT infrastructure services for Small and Large enterprises
  • Software-defined storage and data protection
  • Projects managed by certified IT Networking Masters

Automate Workplace IT and Infrastructure to Streamline Your Operations across all Areas of Your Enterprise by 75%

In light of the current workplace scenario and its needs, ResultWorx has established strategies that deploy scalable, reliable, and optimized computing and storage solutions for remote working environments, powered by the cloud and hybrid computing.

As a company grows in size, so too does its data. This increases the cost of maintenance, support, communication, and storage. Digital environments can be unpredictable,, so the more power you have over your resources, the better experiences you can deliver to your customers.

IT and Infrastructure management regulate your IT environment in several ways – from monitoring for cyber threats, to boosting communication across multiple workplaces, to surveying system and network upgrades.

As your dedicated technology partner, we offer bankable application, cyber-security, workplace, and cloud automation solutions to reduce human errors;

  • boost speed
  • accuracy
  • end-user visibility;
  • ease out troubleshooting
  • orchestration.


Your IT Infrastructure is in Capable Hands – Our Services

We expertly adjust your IT capabilities with agile technology that complements your budget and workplace so that your team can better identify weaknesses. From unstable systems to suspicious activities, we monitor issues in real-time so your team can make the necessary improvements.

Our infrastructure services form the foundation of your IT environment. They include:

Managed Services:

Our flexible IT managed services span the entire infrastructure lifecycle of an organization with a diverse range of engagement tools and delivery models. We offer

  •  IT asset lifecycle management
  •  cloud and data center management
  • infrastructure consulting and analysis
  •  end-to-end security (environment
  •  IT service
  • operating model integration
  •  transformation services
  •  onsite/offsite/hybrid support services
  •  service desk management
  • mobility managed solutions.

Networking and Communication Services:

We provide basic to advanced networking and communication solutions, powered by the cloud to improve compatibility between firmware and hardware devices. This includes wireless and LAN connectivity; network health checks; and communication collaborative tools such as voice, email, messaging, and audio and video conferencing.

Cyber Security:

We provide state-of-the-art enterprise cyber-protection solutions that adapt to increasing data and server challenges. These include Identity Protection, such as password authentication, access management, and identity risk intelligence; Compute Protection, such as virtualization security, network security, malware protection, host intrusion protection, patch monitoring, and system encryptions; System Protection, such as application firewall, cloud application management, database activity control, workload security, service auditing, and application threat; Storage and Data Protection, and End-Point Protection, including behavior analytics, VPN client, malware protection, endpoint encryption, and data-leak security.

System Integration:

We successfully meet the challenge of omnipresent integration required for a digitally empowered business enterprise by equipping firms with skilled remote/onsite workforce, incredible processes, and suitable technologies. These include AI, Machine Learning, and VPA technologies that enable system migration to the latest frameworks. We have sound expertise and comprehensive knowledge in data and system integration across all industry verticals, including telecom, aerospace, education, the legal and federal government.


In a NUTSHELL, Our IT and Infrastructure Solutions

  • Deliver robust IT architecture for better customer service
  • Implement cloud-based interfaces such as ERP and CRM software for an improved experience
  • Scale hardware and software performances with cloud computing
  • Break silos and streamline operations within the organization with virtualized tools
  • Make IT infrastructure transparent to facilitate agile operations
  • Offer unified communications technology to disseminate information uniformly
  • Optimize server functionalities to improve energy and cost-efficiency
  • Are powered by our certified and experienced IT and managed service professionals


Achieve Overall Efficiency With Your Data, Systems, Administration, Assets, and IT Processes

Why Do You Need Us?

Without monitoring your IT performance, your infrastructure may be unprepared for when disaster strikes. You don’t want to wait for the following things to happen:

  • A system crash leading to vulnerable data loss
  • Technology failing due to outdated version
  • Viruses infiltrating your data files
  • Usability failures costing you online sales
  • Excessive downtime robbing you of productivity

Information Technology is vast. Leave it to our certified experts who can limit disasters, make smart moves, and maintain your productivity while cutting costs.

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