Why Is It Important to Have a Good UI/UX Designer?

Today, everything in business boils down to keeping the consumer happy and returning to your website or application. Technology is advancing rapidly in the 21st century, at a rate much higher since the pandemic hit us. While consumers have tripled the time spent on websites and applications, their demand for unparalleled experience has also increased parallelly. They want to have the best of your offerings without exhausting their mind or time.  

Subsequently, users’ jump rate has also increased. Today, most visitors leave a website or application in just 20 seconds if they aren’t happy with it.  

So, despite using the most advanced technology and software developer, if your website or application doesn’t garner expected results, it is probably because of one particular thing – poor UI/UX. Yes, not IoT, commercial drones, nor AI, but the likability and experience. UI and UX are the most underrated elements of website/app development. But truthfully, it is the human element.

Lack of it feels like you have something that’s the best of everything, yet you cannot see, feel, experience, or work with it.  

And therefore, you, as a company, cannot or rather should not ignore the importance of a UX/UI designer in software or website development project.  

What Do UX/ UI Designers Do? 

Essentially, UX/UI designers close the gap between your creation and your consumer. The primary goal of any website or mobile application is to increase sales and grow business. Today, users have many options and alternatives for your website, product, and service. So, you have a very little time span, as less as half a minute, to grab their attention and satisfy them.  

Your UX/UI designer comes into the picture here.  

They enhance your customer’s experience and satisfaction by providing exactly what they are looking for.  

UX (user experience) ensures how your product makes your consumer feel, i.e., overall structure and wireframe. The UI (user interface) focuses on your product’s interactivity, look, and presentation, i.e., visual elements.  

Consumers recognize a brand through the UX and UI. 

The number of consumers visiting your website/application can measure your UX/UI designer’s success.  

For a new business, an SME, or an ecommerce company, the UX and UI design of their website/ mobile application become even more crucial as it creates the first impression with the power to make or break a deal.  

How UX and UI Designers Benefits Website/ Mobile Application Development 

The primary elements of UI/UX design are Information Architecture (IA), User-friendliness, Visual Design, Interaction Design, and Wireframing. 

Once the wireframe is ready, the developer creates the website or software product based on it. 

Designers add value to a business in different ways. We have listed the importance of having one in your business development.  

 Creates the Hook-Factor for Your Site/ Application 

Did you know that the attention span of an online user is less than 10 seconds? The millennial era has zero patience whatsoever. So, technically, you have 8 to 10 seconds to grasp your users’ attention, pique their interest, promote your website/application, and inspire them to stay with you.  

If users like what they look at and get the required information, they will spend more time. Therefore, it is important to provide helpful information along with interactive UI and UX to appeal to and engage users. A good designer will also know the exact place in a design where a valuable piece of content should be placed to boost interaction.  

 Increases Business Return on Investment 3X More 

The UX/UI creates the first impression. If your website looks appealing, interacts with your customers just right, and helps them find what they are looking for easily, they will be hooked and, most probably, visit again. They will eventually become your loyal followers and recommend you to others. All of this will increase your business’s ROI.  

 Helps You Understand Your Users’ Choices Better 

You create a website or application intending to deliver something that your niche customer wants. However, you may not understand the needs of all your customers. But your UX designer could change by having actual conversations with your focused group of customers.  

UX/UI designers can create experiences through their wireframes, test them on users, and report back to you on how the interaction went. And this understanding can help you improve your product and services to increase sales.  

Establishes Your Brand Recognition Despite Competition  

Building brand recognition is an essential factor for long-term success. Today there are so many up-and-coming brands trying to take your position in the race. But in the end, consumers like buying from brands that make them happy and content. So how do you sustain? With flawless first impression.  

For instance, more than 60% of online users buy products based on colors. Your application may be ignored if the color combination is not appealing enough or if it is not mobile optimized. 

Expert UX/UI designer will step in and remind you that no matter how incredible your imagination is, users will get impatient if your site or app doesn’t address the human psychological factor. They will save you from making mistakes by creating a highly interactive and flawless user experience and app/web interface, ultimately establishing your brand reputation.  

 Saves Your Time with Quick Iteration 

Developing a robust website or software application isn’t easy. Even a slight change in color or layout may take hours to complete. This constant modification of codes or website builders can slow down each iteration, increasing the development cost. 

But success cannot be assumed without iteration.  

However, imagine how much of your time and money a UX/UI designer could save with wireframes and mock-ups of your app or site? Instead of changing the code each time, you can reiterate the design, test it, and report feedback. You will come to know what your users want without reworking any code.  

This also means you can make more iterations rapidly, ensuring the final product is precisely specific and customized to your target users’ needs.  

Gets More Traffic to Your Application/Website 

We are in a competitive digital world. More businesses are digitally evolving, trying to establish a solid online presence. Therefore, the best way to stand out amidst hundreds of businesses offering the same types of products and services is to boost traffic to your website and application. 

And the only way to boost traffic is by minimizing bounce rate and maximizing stay rate. Besides quality products-services and informative content, if your application or site is brilliantly designed, rich with features, elements, and spectacular user experience, nothing can stop target visitors from becoming valuable customers.  

 Saves a Load-full of Hassles, and of course, Money 

You may have a great deal of creativity in your mind, but if you cannot express them to your website developer, your end product wouldn’t be perfect. A lot gets lost in written and verbal communication. Your developer may misinterpret your explanations and come back with something that is nothing like your imagination. And then, you will have to spend a few thousand dollars and several hundred hours to get it right.  

Hiring an expert UX//UI designer will save you time, money, and, more importantly, effort.  

Adjusting a prototype is much easier than changing the codes of a huge mobile application. You and the designer can work together to create the mock-up, alter it till the design matches your vision, and share it with the software engineers for development. 

By doing so, you will simply be saving 30% to 40% of your development cost. 

UX/UI designers solve a lot of users’ and developers’ problems using various techniques, including testing, heat maps, and market research. At ResultWorx, we have a dedicated team of certified designers for website and mobile application development with more than a decade of experience in UI and UX designing. 

To book a free consultation with our design expert, click here.

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