How ResultWorx Technology Experts Make a Better Choice for a Mobile App Developer

When you develop a mobile application for your company or product, you are literally building a business around it. Naturally, you would want to ensure that every element maximizes the ROI. There’s literally no other way to build a business (or an application) than bringing industry experts on the board who have already established several others like yours.  

Agree with what we say? 

If you do, you would definitely understand the importance of choosing a mobile application development specialist like ResultWorx Technology Solutions over an in-house team or a jack of all.  

Jack of all Works, but not for Mobile Application Development 

Imagine you are starting to develop a state-of-the-art application and looking for people who can handle more than one task. While multi-talented professionals are a real gem, they will have to be all over the place – from planning to development to execution and testing to marketing. 

You can only imagine the result. Unfinished and inefficient products, dated technology, and misplaced goals. 

The Success of any Mobile Application Depends on Four Things: Speed, Accessibility, Technology, and Personalization  

When it comes to mobile application development, you, as a business, need to be unique to meet customers’ expectations in every possible way and raise above the bar in competition, cost, reliability, and customization.  

Mobile applications are at the center of innovation and digitization.  

This is why top businesses are reaching out to ResultWorx Technology Solutions to hire dedicated mobile app developers. 

  • We are one of the leading custom mobile application development companies in the USA. 
  • We do not skip the initial stages of application development. 
  • With our experience, we know the complexity and laborious task of launching applications in the market. 
  • We have been in the business for the past 12 years building exceptional end-user experiences through smart mobile apps. 
  • We have the IT capability, certifications, infrastructure, tools, technology partners, and creativity to design and build compatible mobile apps. 
  • We can complete your project much ahead of time without adding cost. 

And much more. 

 ResultWorx Technology Solutions Addresses the Biggest Business Challenge  

One of the biggest challenges that small to medium-sized companies face when developing an application is accurately following through the software development lifecycle stages. The stages include market research, app ideation, design and prototyping, right platform and software framework selection, development cost and budget, quality assurance, and maintenance and support. Each phase requires a clear vision, strategy, and execution. 

Hiring an in-house team, establishing an IT infrastructure that supports the software development lifecycle, and overseeing the project from start to finish will double your time and cost. Once the application is built, you will have little or no use of the newly formed project development department. 

Moreover, you wouldn’t have enough time, money, and resources to invest in your core business functionalities. 

Another challenge that companies face is the lack of technical know-how. An in-house team may not know about the latest growths and trends in the mobile application development sector. They may not be qualified or adequately trained to build new-age applications.  

But on the contrary, a dedicated software development company comes with up-to-date tools, licenses, programming languages, IT infrastructure, technical experts, and experience working with hundreds of similar companies like you.

Outsourcing application development projects to a reputed firm like ResultWorx will take away 90% of your burdens, reduce your development cost by 45%, save time by 50%, and improve product quality and efficiency by 99%. All of this while working with a ready-to-deploy, fully capable, and fully qualified team.

Advantages of Hiring a Dedicated Mobile Application Development Company 

They Know Where to Hit the Hammer 

Big projects that need a lot of systematic functioning can only be handled by professionals who have a clear idea of the entire software development life cycle. ResultWorx engineers possess not only technical skills but also analytical skills that can tell you what kind of application will work best for your business.  

Whether you want to automate your business’s internal processes, develop an AI-ML-based application, or want to leverage the power of the cloud – we can make anything happen effortlessly. 

 Support Startups with First-hand Knowledge 

Startups require a huge amount of focus, particularly in the ideation phase and after deployment. ResultWorx, having worked with several startup firms, knows the crux of developing an application that drives a startup. We will help you plan and formulate app strategies to launch a high revenue-generating product.  

 Project Developed by A Dedicated Team 

What can be more amazing than working with a dedicated team of designers, programmers, and testers, led by a senior project manager for your mobile application development – without recruiting any of them? Also, you can swap, add, or remove any resource anytime you want without breaking into a sweat.  

 Guaranteed Quality Product 

This could be your first mobile application. But it is not for a software development firm that has built and deployed applications for hundreds of companies in your industry. ResultWorx is updated with the most recent technology, coding languages, and industry trends. Chances are, we already know how your industry and app market demand work. So, rest assured, you will get the best of the best in the shortest timeframe that promises great results.  

ResultWorx has provided customized solutions for many industry verticals, including retail, distribution, manufacturing, trucking and freight, logistics, plumbing, legal, aerospace, government, healthcare, and education.  

 Life-long Support and Maintenance 

Once you hire a dedicated mobile application development company, you can unburden your overheads from handling your IT systems. While after-delivery technical support is guaranteed, our conducive working environment and additional services can also cater to your other needs. All you have to do is drop a message, and we will be there.  

 Benefit from a Turned Workflow 

Instant process details, project documentation (phase by phase), design, prototyping, real-time updates, on-time project delivery, and project manager at your beck and call – get amazing benefits from an agile software development team.  

Additionally, with an enthusiastic team, your project will be completed ahead of time, unlike an in-house team where there will be days when your staff will be busy with other work or worse, they may resign from the job at the nick of time.  

These are unforeseen, unfortunate situations that we can never be prepared for. But with ResultWorx’s huge pool of resources, you can expect excellent and prompt services all the time. With a click of a button, you can hire extra hands to speed up the development time.  

 Reduce Your Cost of Development by 45% 

No matter your budget or the company’s size, we can always work around it. For example, based on your application requirement, we would be able to estimate the number of hours required to build and deliver a mobile application, giving you a clear idea of the cost. With our flexible payment structure, you can either pay us by the hour, milestone-based, or at a fixed cost.  

Our agreement will be fixed and transparent, with no hidden costs attached. It is much better than hiring an in-house team, for which you will have to spend additional hours for recruitment, training, and making the team technologically viable.  

 They Will Tackle All Legal Issues Like a Pro 

Like in a business establishment, there are risks involved in developing an application, such as cyber frauds, hacking, and exposure to other vulnerabilities. By hiring a reputed and licensed mobile application development company, you will be reducing such legal issues. In addition, ResultWorx also provides Managed IT services, like data backup and restoration, disaster recovery, cloud monitoring, and break-fix service for additional security and optimized results.  

 Business Incentives for Working with ResultWorx Technology Solutions 

  • We are associated with leading technology partners worldwide, such as Oracle, Dell, IBM, Apple, Android, Google, Microsoft, and Intel. 
  • In addition, we are an Oracle Platinum Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner. By working with us, you will enjoy 360-degree business benefits offered by these firms at a much-reduced cost.  
  • Right from progressive web applications, to native and hybrid, to gaming applications, we have you covered.  
  • We are a 200+ company, so you wouldn’t have a problem finding the right developer in your budget. 
  • We follow the IDEA approach to streamline the project development lifecycle (Identify, Design, Engineer, Analyze). 
  • Your application development project will start instantly. 
  • Also, leverage the power of the latest software trends – cloud computing, AI, IoT, and ML.  
  • We have a grade-A technical support team. You can consult for any problem, small or big alike. We also have an after-hour emergency contact for critical issues. 
  • We are your one-stop solution for all your problems. Besides mobile application development, we offer IT Infrastructural solutions, web application development, IoT, graphic designing, migration and integration services, software development, website development, and VoIP implementations.  

For a complimentary technical consultation, contact our expert by clicking here.

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