Put Your Mind at Ease When Working On Your PCs

No downtime, no hanging, no network failures, and no unpatched security. Work with fully-functioning desktops, from anywhere, all the time

A single faulty computer can force an entire company’s operations to a standstill. In today’s world, nobody would imagine running a business without desktops. PCs and laptops are considered smart technology, acting as critical service providers. They provide not only processing power, but also excellent user experience and storage capacity. Whether you are an eCommerce business, a software development company, or a fashion designer, you cannot operate without a computer. Despite this, many companies fail to implement a comprehensive and effective desktop support solution.

Did you know that one hour of desktop downtime can lead an organization to lose as much as $1000? Downtime and network issues are expensive, and even though many businesses cannot afford them, they still don't take enough precautions.

Drawbacks of Inefficient Desktop Support and Maintenance

  • Increases the burden on IT teams to balance managing PCs and supporting end-user queries
  • Leads companies to choose between working on their PCs and systems or growing their business
  • Puts enterprises at the risk of losing $1000 to $1500 per day
  • Reduces the performance and reliability of the computers, leading to decreased staff productivity
  • Puts your IT infrastructure at risk of exploits and malware due to unpatched security
  • Creates new challenges in asset management every day
  • Leads to inefficient antivirus management, database monitoring, and network monitoring
  • Increases frequency of technical issues

Help Reduce the Burdens of Your IT Teams and Allow Them To Focus on Core Operations

As a business owner, you cannot risk your employees struggling due to a lack of efficient desktop support and management. From unpatched security issues to slow response rates, they could deal with new issues every day.

Consistent maintenance of desktops is difficult, and your team is better served focusing on building strategies instead of repairing and troubleshooting.

ResultWorx Managed Desktop Support is handled by trained IT professionals that offer end-to-end desktop support services, including remote diagnostics and problem identification, new system setup, configuration and software upgrades, security support and maintenance, software and hardware installation, updates, maintenance troubleshooting for connectivity problems, crisis handling, virus and threat monitoring, and general repairs and maintenance.

ResultWorx Remote Desktop Support, Real-time Monitoring and Data Analysis, Health Check and Reporting, and End-User Support

We guarantee maximizing your desktops' performance, longevity, and security while freeing your IT team to focus on business development strategies. We can provide a fully equipped IT infrastructure with the latest management tools and certified experts so that you won't have to worry about shelling out cash to establish, maintain, and support an infrastructure of your own.

We will continually monitor your desktops in real-time wherever they are, perform proactive, periodic maintenance and support, and manage events, security, and alarms from a securely handled environment.

Our capabilities and decades of technical knowledge allow us to quickly diagnose problems from a remote location and provide support and resolution via telephone or through our tools and software solutions.

We have a customer satisfaction rating of 97.12% and a resolution speed rating of 95.5%. We achieve this using state-of-the-art automated tools, a robust infrastructure, and passionate, highly-qualified staff trained to offer remote support.

Our remote desktop support services can reduce the need for human intervention and increase time-to-resolution by up to 40%, along with lowering maintenance costs by 20%.

Features of ResultWorx Desktop Support

  1. 24/7 Desktop Monitoring: Round-the-clock control is impossible for an in-house IT team due to their other work responsibilities. We will make sure your PCs and laptops are secure and optimally functioning at all times with an ongoing analysis of security events, productivity level, and application performance. This enables us to respond to problems in real-time
  2. ORespond Quicker to Emerging Security Threats: Our team has the latest technology and is trained to handle emerging security threats. Any security event that could impair your desktop environment's functionality is immediately addressed and rapidly solved. This helps us keep your systems up to date with updates and security patches to prevent new vulnerabilities.
  3. Stringent Hardware and Software Inventory Management: Since our team is focused on only desktop support, we can optimize our hardware and software inventory. This allows us to streamline desktop system updates, reduce security and compliance risks, control costs, and periodically install new software
  4. Understand Your Desktop Health: As PCs and laptops are essential service providers, you should periodically monitor their health. With our continuous management, historical reporting, and simplified dashboards, you will gain real-time insights into your IT desktop infrastructure's overall health. This will help you with timely decisions concerning your business.
  5. Professionally Support Your End-Users: ResultWorx also offers help for your end-users across all of your business locations. We can respond to end-users and troubleshoot their problems to minimize downtime, 24/7.
  6. We Develop Standard Protocols to Simplify Operations: Our developed PC desktop guidelines can streamline support and management while making sure that your employees are equipped with all the necessary resources to work effectively.
  7. We Fight Viruses like Super Heroes: Internet viruses have the capability to disrupt the normal operations of IT infrastructure. They can corrupt files, steal data and information, slow down performance, and even cause sudden software crashes. We avoid this through regular system scans and installation of quality virus security software. We will proactively monitor the health of your systems and prevent attacks by clearing threats as they appear.
  8. Desktop Data Backup and Recovery: We also provide preventive solutions for improving IT performance, such as network audits, automated data backup and recovery, and disaster solutions. For information, please visit our Backup and Recovery, and Disaster Management Service pages.
  9. Expertly Configure Hardware and Software: If you find hardware and software installation time consuming, we can help! We can handle hard drive, network, and email configuration and setup as needed.

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