Improve the Overall Health of Your Cloud-Based Applications

We Help You Develop an Agile, Secure, and Reliable Infrastructure at a Lower Cost

ResultWorx Cloud Monitoring and Management is a suite of robust solutions and tools dedicated to modern hybrid, scale-outs, and heterogeneous infrastructures. From a single dashboard or point of access, our seasoned IT techs can monitor all aspects of your cloud environment, including SaaS, PaaS, and LaaS, data, storage, systems, applications, servers, virtualization, user experience, VDI, hypervisors, networks, and subnetworks.

Our partnership with global leaders in cloud platforms and devices, like Dell, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Apache, AWS, and Azure, enables us to deliver correlated visibility across your entire infrastructure. It also helps us evaluate and monitor resource application configuration changes, overall system health, and performance metrics in real-time.

Full-Stack Monitoring Powered by the Best Cloud Providers

Cloud monitoring is designed to improve the uptime, health, and visibility of cloud-based applications. We do it by collecting metadata, metrics, and other events across multiple sources, including the Cloud providers, application instruments, hosted uptime probes servers, and several other standard application components. We then analyze the data and generate insights that help us track consumption and demand.

We have a unique reporting system that compares before and after environments, based on when you scale workloads or deploy new services into the system. It can also help compare pre- and post-migration performance.

The auto-correlated visibility across the environments will efficiently illustrate the dependencies between different infrastructural tiers, both on-premise, and in the cloud.

Benefits of Hiring our Experts:

  • Increase your business efficiency with continuous uptime for applications hosted in the cloud
  • Optimize infrastructure for boosted effectiveness with comprehensive, in-depth analytics
  • Increase performance with cost-effective cloud migration solutions
  • We offer an auto-diagnostic performance monitor
  • Our experience helps us understand the severity of user experience and application performance, which allows us to deliver customized IT alerts, diagnosis, capacity strategizing, reporting, and planning
  • Identify emerging challenges using a single dashboard
  • Reduce overhead with integrated services

Why Should Enterprises Consider Cloud Monitoring?

If you are an enterprise that uses cloud infrastructure extensively to run your business, such as implementing cloud-based applications or migrating existing platforms into the cloud, your computing strategy will benefit from the performance and quality of the cloud applications being as efficient as the ones deployed in your physical data centers.

A holistic performance monitoring system is a must for the success of your projects, regardless of whether you are operating in a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment.

How ResultWorx Can Be Your Cloud Monitoring Partner

Cloud computing brings several management challenges, despite being a modern and cost-effective way to conduct business. Our clients face three common problems. First, as cloud environments are heterogeneous, identifying performance issues can be time and resource intensive. A problem in one tier can affect the others, making it difficult to pinpoint the root cause. This is because the cloud comprises more than one co-dependent tier. Second, the lack of centralized visibility makes monitoring the performance of multiple control domains difficult, as is the case with cloud computing.

Finally, the cloud is shared amongst many enterprises. A demand surge from one enterprise or customer could negatively impact another one.

ResultWorx’s Unified Performance Monitoring Solution Offers End-to-End Measurable Visibility

We serve as a single, reliable, and safe solution for all of your cloud environments. Our SaaS, LaaS, and PaaS models deliver a holistic view across applications, databases, networks, virtualization, storage performance, and user experience. Our personalized solutions address the requirements of cloud consumers (enterprises) and cloud providers (hosting providers) efficiently.

ResultWorx also offers an in-depth and reliable performance overview for application and server workload migration to the cloud. We provide synthetic monitoring of business transactions, enabling users to test performance and application capabilities before migration.

We efficiently integrate HP, BMC, CA, and other orchestration tools for automated deployment and configuration.

Benefits of Our Cloud Monitoring Services

We have one of the most robust cloud monitor supports for the public cloud:

  • Measure your cloud service user experience and get notified immediately if anyone is impacted
  • Real-time performance comparison with synchronized baselines
  • Get notified in case of deviations from service level scope
  • Real-time health tracking of regions, networks, subnetworks, and VM instances

Get actionable insights in real-time for your private cloud performance and optimization:

  • Gain insights about the responsiveness and availability of deployed cloud service
  • Make sure your users can administer their VMs efficiently
  • Identify and address bottlenecks by tracking the performance of applications and integrating them with private usage
  • Monitor demand, quality, and consumption metrics in real-time across every tier and layer
  • Generate reports that provide insight and scope for right-sizing and optimization

Manage your applications wherever they are hosted using our secure hybrid cloud monitoring console

  • Monitor your cloud applications across all infrastructures – public, private, colocation, and hybrid
  • Automated mapping and discovery will help you realize interdependencies and correlation between different infrastructural tiers
  • Deploy automated correlation of events for cloud-powered, virtualized, and physical systems
  • Manage, monitor, and alter resource capacities and hardware infrastructure based on applications
  • Detect and address outages, network latency, storage issues, virtualization, and application slowdown and downtime in real-time, both in and outside of the cloud environment

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